The App Store is broken.

Mega-corporations like Facebook pay nothing to distribute their apps via the App Store, while making billions with creepy tracking and ads. Meanwhile, independent developers and small companies trying to make an honest living must pay Apple thousands or millions of dollars each year for the privilege of selling iOS software.

Every developer lives in fear that simply submitting a minor bug-fix update will result in their livelihood being destroyed due to Apple’s arbitrary, capricious enforcement of unclear, unwritten rules. Rules that Apple themselves routinely violate in their own apps.

It’s time to fix the App Store, and Apple’s actions have made it abundantly clear that necessary reforms won’t come of their own accord. Apple is not simply going to step up and do the right things on their own. We must apply pressure. We must run to the press and trash Apple. It’s time to take action.

Our goal is for this site to be a compendium of Apple’s abusive, absurd, unfair, incompetent, bullying, and, in some cases, likely illegal behavior on the App Store. We hope for this site to help organize opposition to broken App Store policies. If you’re with us, then please join us.

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Sign the petition to remove Phil Schiller from any responsibility for developer relations at Apple due to his demonstrated contempt for Apple’s developer community.